haven’t yet

i haven’t yet mentioned something. i’m alone in the union office – perhaps for several more hours.

anywho i’m playing the new rapture record, which is absolutely, faceburningly impressive. it is a recording of a band doing exactly what they want to hear themselves doing.

hearing the album reminded me of seeing ’em at the knitting factory in the summer of ’01, when i spent half my nights in an episcopal seminary in Chelsea. it also reminded me of waking up not two weeks ago in a hartford hotel, only to find this music video waiting for me on vh1.  the music video’s just exactly perfect, in the sense that it perfectly echoes their thing.

believe the hype about the rapture. i know it’s offputting that pitchfork likes ’em, and that they’re from brooklyn. but they came to their disco-cure place at the end of a lengthy, pretty glacial, pretty seemless evolution.  when i get home i’ll upload some songs from their ep on gravity records (the most underrated, influential record label ofthe 1990s!) there’s one song, called ‘alienation,’ that’s maybe my favorite downbeat punk moment ever (and that’s including Public Image Limited). you can access ‘alienation’ here.


8 Responses to “haven’t yet”

  1. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    I sure would like to hear the record…

  2. lexdexter Says:

    we’ll go get it this weekend, love. it’ll be good housecleaning music.

  3. Ben Says:

    That video was awesome. I’m down with that.

  4. km Says:

    i’ve got two words to confirm your assertion regarding gravity records: clikatat ikatowi.

  5. lexdexter Says:

    let’s not forget about angel hair, the antioch arrow, harriet the spy or heroin!

  6. km Says:

    have you any harriet the spy?

    may i humbly request a sampling? I remember them from the mid-90s, but have none in my possession.

  7. lexdexter Says:

    yes, i will avail you of harriet the spy. mebbe more importantly, the spinoff band “new” terror class made what i might call the last, true “emo” record. it’s amazing.

  8. Another cultural breakdown « Drifting Crowd Says:

    […] analysis of Jessica Simpson’s new video. If you followed the link to Rapture’s video on Prisonship back in November, you saw rollerskating antics. Strange and disconcerting parallels exist between […]

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