the ABA is back?!?

okay, this has got to be the most exciting, doomed-to-failure sports venture of my life.

(i know… yet another link to cantstopthebleeding; having dominated my 1990s with all them matador records, it would seem gerard cosloy is about to make me a sports fanatic. jeebus.)

also, none other than george pelecanos has penned a screenplay for HBO Films about the ABA.

ah, perhaps you have no idea about the place of the ABA in 1970s (Afro-)American culture. check it!


4 Responses to “the ABA is back?!?”

  1. Ben Says:

    The ABA site is fuckin’ awesome, I have to admit. I didn’t know that the league existed until now. I still can’t fully believe the pics, but they must be real on some level.

  2. km Says:

    who knew?

    and what ’bout John Salley saying shit like:

    “I love to laugh and giggle and smoke cigars and drink cognac. But I have a reputation and a name. My father taught me never to embarrass my name. Growing up it was always funny enough with the name Salley”


  3. Ben Says:

    I think BJ would fit into the original ABA league.

  4. lexdexter Says:

    i heard that. – p

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