lots of good live mp3s over at rbally. the host followed up a recent ryan adams/cardinals gig with an expression of disgust at his/her wallowing in indie rock, and thus responded with a 1973 marley gig. take advantage, eh?

5 Responses to “rbally”

  1. Ben Says:

    I’ve scooped up that Marley gig. That’s his best period, with the exception perhaps of the ’76 tour. Thanks for turning me onto that site. The Ryan Adams is dope as well, to use a word I picked up from a friend in Ireland.

  2. km Says:


    thanks for the link-e, patrick.

    i’m listening right now to the cat power show posted there. i had several friends at that show–and although ms. marshall can be enigmatic, to say the least, i guess this was a stunning performance.

  3. andrew schmidt Says:

    check out the audio for the Zizek talk:


    Video will be up soon. Note big-time shout-out to Will Martin in Zizek’s introduction by Cassie Mansfield.

  4. wobs Says:

    Thanks for the site. Now if you can recommend a way to clean drool off my keyboard, I’d be much obliged.

  5. Barry Says:

    Rbally is done. No more.

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