Wednesday Reviewed at Bart’s

It’s filthy, cold, rainy bist outside, which encourages my already-powerful sense of solidarity with kevin in juneau. Bart’s is a retro-y ice cream parlour in downtown Amherst with lukewarm coffee, sandwich-maker sandwiches and free wifi. Hurrah.

Wednesday’s trip started with a surprise run-in with Dan Jones. We sat next to one another for the hop to Portland, and talked baseball/band/crime novels/forthcoming albums. Dan told me that he didn’t trust anybody who didn’t occasionally fall down before friends and family. He had a red stain – ketchup? – on his mouth the whole time. We love the Dan Jones. He’s really pleased with the new Squids record, and I’m anxious about a few solos where I hit some “bum notes,” but the band thought they were fine. The last time I made a record and didn’t trust my instincts, it turned into something I never, ever listen to.

(i love the shuffle function when it shuffles my shit. anders > sea and cake > humblebums > (live) chavez…great shit. ooh, now simply saucer.)

anyway, then came a long flight to hotlanta, during which i pieced together the paper. i somehow packed my power supply with the checked luggage, thus putting myself in a situation where i had three hours to type the thing. the time limit actually helped, prolly, but it was hectic. i prayed for some sort of delay/cancellation situation that’d allow me to call/meet ben and elvira, but no go.

i finished the papier between atlanta and hartford, and met a hip lad from UC-Riverside, also bound for the conference and also a bit delinquent with the paper writing.

then the airport hotel. you know how that always is.

(edit – look at me using the caps up top! what’s going on?)


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