Seven Days on Minimum Wage

A documentary about the living conditions of working Americans, exposing the minimum wage as a poverty wage? Sure.

Hosted by Roseanne Barr, tho?


One Response to “Seven Days on Minimum Wage”

  1. Mike Doyle Says:

    Actually, she’s a big supporter of ACORN. I know, I know, who knew, right? But she really stepped up to help with this project.

    Im one of the people who did the interviews. I hope you can come take a look this week. It was hard just to be behind the camera listening to some of these stories. Check out Jessica’s story on Thursday night. I was sobbing while I filmed her. I remember my days on minimum wage, but she’s raising a family on a job that won’t give her enough hours to have benefits in order for her employer “to save money”. That’s just screwed up.


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