One plaint

There’s one thing about all these English folk records I’m rolling: I’d be fine with a little less harpsichord, y’know? It’s easy to overdue it with said weapon.


8 Responses to “One plaint”

  1. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    Harpsichord is at once my favorite and least favorite instrument. I hate it, but it sure didn’t hurt Love’s “Forever Changes” album.

  2. Minx Says:

    I like the harpsichord on a few tracks on the first couple of Doors records.

  3. raenie Says:

    What about classical harpsichord? Personally, that is when I dislike it the most. Mozart abused the poor instrument, if you ask me.

  4. Minx Says:

    I’m not a Mozart fan in general.

  5. lexdexter Says:

    both the Love and Doors records in question were made in LA, for Elektra, during them turbulent ’60s. what’s the significance?

  6. Minx Says:

    Did Paul Rothchild record the Love album? He did the first few Doors albums. I know that Love and the Doors performed together, pre-fame. Apparently there was a rendition of Gloria.

  7. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    Los Angeles, 1960’s: All of those bands were playing pretty much the same circuit, lived pretty close to eachother, bought their drugs from the same dealers…and Elektra was picking up a lot of those acts for a few years there.
    Michael Stuart-Ware (the drummer for Love on Forever changes and Da Cappo) wrote an awesome autobiography that is only available as a download from his web site. He gives a very honest skinny on all of those L.A. dudes during that era. “Gloria” did show up and it is a dark and light as every other Love performance.

    Paul Rothchild did, indeed record Love. He also produced Joplins “Pearl”. He was the house producer at Elektra from 1963 until about ’70, I think.

  8. m. potato Says:

    dare i enter this nether-world of banter about harpsichords without the aid of charon to get me to the other side…? for what it’s worth, i do like the way that the word itself roles off the tongue…say it with me; harps-i-chord, though it is a bit difficult with a coin lodged firmly under thy tongue…

    been missing you patty-jo. how are things down south?

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