Doin’ It Again (again)

Hello from an Anthropology office. Hello from a Friday night that is as stark as it is somehow illicitly sober.

As about half of you maybe know, we kicked off the Fall of Fall Songwriter Series last Sunday at the Luckey’s Bar. Pals and guitars and new songs were splayed about in what passed for the sort of ‘manic n’ melancholy’ ritual gathering I believe Sundays necessitate. A couple hours passed snarkily by to the tune of Dan Jones, Testface Snider and yours truly belting out new and old songs.

Brass tacks time, toughs! If Hollywood’s taught me anything, it’s that every perfect, low-key success deserves an ambitious, mebbe-kinda-overwrought sequel. Thus I’m writing to you in defiance of the high bar set last Sunday, claiming this Sunday’s going to be weirder and wankier and fancier and fabber than the original Fall of Fall manifestation. This Sunday I will present to you an installment entitled “Fall of Fall as Cannonball Run 2.” Here’s my four-point plan:

* Present-day troubador and future Hollywood Square Tom Heinl.
* Bearded Tennesse transplant and noted geologist Barry Walker’s Oregon Debut!
* Eight new tunes from your curator (i.e, me!), replete with Peter FastComputer on atmospherics.
* The Return of the “Crap/Not Crap” Interactive Survey System, featuring the fabulous likes of the fabulous yous.
* Did I mention you people are going to be there?

We’re talking the very PG start-time of 8:30pm. We’re talking from the special guests and the local celebs with the seeing and the being seen. We’re talking irony and earnestness undone among consenting friends. We’re talking an outright populist cover charge of $2, and a healthy balance of strangeness and familiarity. Run from the sweater weather to the cigar bar and we’ll hack at some sorta “state of the scene” consensus. Come and plot our third installment, slated for November 5th. I don’t wanna give away too much, y’all – but that affair’s got Jaws 3 all over it. Who wants in?

Questions/Concerns? Call Pattyjoe or mebbe emo-mail.

Also please tell your friends and co-cospirators.




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