C/NC at Luckey’s

forgot to mention that I cut loose with a few “Crap/Not Crap” surveys at Sunday’s Fall of Fall gig, in the vain of this e-public.

below please find the results:

‘College Football’ = Crap

‘Wearing Your Own Band’s T-Shirt’ = Not Crap

‘Blogging’ = Crap

this is fun stuff, people. next week’s topics = the Democratic Party, Free Verse, and Buddhism. maybe Antidepressants, if I’m feeling it.


4 Responses to “C/NC at Luckey’s”

  1. wobs Says:

    Dude, that “wearing your own band’s t-shirt” is such utter crap. I have disagreements with the popular sentiments regarding the other two points, but man, wearing a t-shirt for your own band is only surpassed in its crapitude by wearing a t-shirt advertising yourself.


  2. Raenie Says:

    I wear my own bands’ t-shirts. Should I be ashamed or feel a responsibility to be ‘humble’. I get up and play in these bands in front of people. I put up the money I earn playing music to pay for the t-shirts. Sometimes I design the t-shirts. If I don’t think the shirts should be worn by me or my bandmates, how can I expect to extract money from our friends/supporters and encourage them to wear the t-shirts.
    I wear my own bands’ t-shirts because I believe in the band, damnit, and I am not ashamed.
    Should we not support other organizations we are involved in by refusing to wear the gear or put the stickers on our instruments and cars?

  3. lexdexter Says:


    i hear you, but mine’s a style argument more than a moral argument. there are plenty of clothes i could justify wearing – clothes i enjoy seeing on my friends and loved ones, even – that i nonetheless don’t wear. deke falcon tees are one example; t-shirts that say ‘sewanee’ are another.

  4. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    Union t-shirts? “Style” vs. “morals”?

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