Better Radio Than I Need

Doug Henwood interviews George McGovern and some historian cat about their new book. Painful, painful. There once was a Democratic Party that stood behind people like McGovern, however reluctantly. Henwood’s radio program is available as a Podcast, and worth your attention just as much as the Left Business Observer itself.

Dorian Devins interviews Greil Marcus about his new book on prophecy, art and les politiques americains. Marcus highlights David Lynch, Pere Ubu and Philip Roth in his latest installment of rock-writing-cum-cultural-theory. The Speakeasy is an off-the-meters, amazing interview show. Dorian is forty-times hipper an interlocutor than what’s-her-fuck from NPR, and her interviews are 1,000 times fleshier. Marcus ‘ thinking and writing still inspires an odd, horny ambivalence from me. I’m really sick of Puritan-centric, “city on a hill”-based stories of our nation’s high idealism and its collapse or persistence of whatevs. Of course, I’m not a historian. But I’m still scareder of capital than I am of one christ or another.


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