Vice, obviously, and Uncle

it occurs to me that i mayn’t’ve hipped all of you to the Vice dos and don’ts action.

this’ll doubtless elicit a cry of ‘hipster’ from dave, but so does the fact that i breathe. falsely accusing me of an excess of cultural capital, or conflating his own habitus with that of ‘the people,’ the man himself still oozes “do.” how it must pain him.

5 Responses to “Vice, obviously, and Uncle”

  1. Dave Says:

    Can’t say I am stoked about the new blogroll, as I find myself near the bottom, thereby decreasing my traffic, thereby decreasing my chances for fame.


    then why is it every morning when I wake up, my first thought is “don’t.”

  2. RK Says:

    Do/Don’t you think it’s true that most don’ts lead to do’s and all do’s are probably don’ts?

  3. lexdexter Says:


    this is a particularly, crackingly great round of dos and don’ts. and i think the very interchangeability of les dos and les don’ts is in actuality a confirmation of their importance.

  4. Barry Says:

    I enjoyed how most of the “DO” women are, like, beautiful women, and most of the “DO” men are dudes with mustaches. Is this a yearly thing or is it ongoing?

  5. T. Minx Says:

    I like how the “do” people come off almost as bad as the “don’t” people, once you read and reflect on the writing. The site vaguely reminds me of hipster porn.

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