from dan jones land:

“I do like Al Franken’s contest: what will the October Surprise be? I am guessing this: Bush will try to have Camus arrested once his people figure out what The Stranger is actually about. Laura Bush’s “honey, Camus is with God now” e-mail will inspire a line of t-shirts and bumperstickers in France. Nancy Pelosi will be exposed as the mastermind behind Janet Jackson’s bare boob incident. In turn Dr. Frist will be outed as a fairweather Quaker who once wore a John Anderson button to a get-out-the-vote potluck and cider pressing. He’ll have a redemptive prayer meeting with Ralph Reed at Seven Feathers Casino. Is that a Diebold slot machine or has God blessed you tonight?”


2 Responses to “Dandro”

  1. wendy Says:

    I think Camus is safe if his arrest depends on BUsh figuring out what the Stranger is about…or even asking what the Stranger is about. Sure Karl and Dick may have thier ideas, but even they must be enjoying the irony of the least critical person in America reading Camus.

    My bet on the October surprise: Of course somebody is going to have to fall and then “find god”, but easy money says FOX’s Clinton fetish will work to ‘expose’ Hill’s secret love affair with Chad Kroeger from CANADIAN (!!) rock band Nickleback.

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